6 Unmissable Streaming Platform Premieres: Get Ready to Be Blown Away!

This week, several highly anticipated TV series are premiering new seasons. On Disney Plus, the second season of Loki is set to debut. Netflix will release the third season of Lupin, while HBO Max will bring us the second season of Our Flag Means Death.

The second season of Loki kicks off with a surprising conclusion to the first, as Loki finds himself in a heated battle with the Time Variance Authority. Now, the unexpected and controversial hero navigates an even more dangerous and unpredictable multiverse, discovering the true meaning of free will and a glorious purpose.

On Disney Plus, we also have The Haunted Mansion. Eddie Murphy stars as a real estate agent who, along with his family, must deal with 999 spooky yet hilarious ghosts in the Gracey Manor. With the help of a peculiar psychic, the family embarks on a true battle to end the curse haunting the house. Laughter is guaranteed for the whole family.

Our Flag Means Death, on HBO Max, follows the story of Stede Bonner, who trades his seemingly enchanted life as a gentleman for that of an arrogant buccaneer. He becomes the captain of the pirate ship Revenge and must earn the respect of his potentially mutinous crew. However, Stede’s fortune changes after a fateful encounter with the infamous Captain Blackbeard. To his surprise, Stede and Blackbeard find more than friendship at sea… they find love. And now, they must fight to survive.

Lupin’s highly anticipated third season is coming to Netflix. International critics have described it as “old-fashioned fun with Bond thrills and Gallic charm.” The story follows Diop, who has been in hiding since being accused of murder. However, his anonymity ends when he returns to Paris to help his ex-wife Claire and their son Raoul.

Netflix also brings us Fair Play, a film about an unexpected promotion in a ruthless speculative fund that pushes a couple’s relationship to the brink, jeopardizing their recent engagement and everything around them. The movie has received positive reviews from critics, but it is advised not to watch it with children around.

Lastly, Beckham, a Netflix documentary, features unseen interviews with family and friends of the British football star, David Beckham. It showcases how Beckham rose from his humble beginnings to global stardom in the world of football.

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