Amazon’s shocking mistake leaves customers trembling in disbelief with confirmation email for gift cards

Over the weekend, Amazon’s customer support service had a challenging time dealing with an unexpected situation. Users flooded Amazon’s service and social media with reports of receiving a wrong email confirming a purchase made with gift cards that were never actually bought.

Amazon assures users that their accounts remain secure. The company frightened its customers by sending a confirmation email for a purchase they didn’t make.

According to reports on social media, the received email thanked users for their purchase made with Google Play, Mastercard, and gift cards. The retail site’s customer support was quickly overwhelmed with inquiries and complaints, with many users suspecting a fraudulent scheme.

Amazon has since provided public clarification. In a statement to CNBC, the company explained that it was “an error in our system that resulted in the sending of a confirmation email for a gift card purchase that was not made. We are sending these customers an email explaining the error and apologizing for the inconvenience.”

The company also assured users that their accounts remain secure and that they can continue to shop safely on the largest online retail site.

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