Analyzing Canelo Alvarez’s Head Movement Tactics for His Fight Against Jermell Charlo: Boxing Expert’s Insights

Canelo Alvarez demonstrated impressive head movement during a recent workout session in preparation for his upcoming fight against Jermell Charlo on September 30th. This display of speed and agility suggests that Canelo is taking this fight seriously and could pose a challenge for Charlo.

While some have speculated that Canelo’s recent performances indicate a decline in his skills, his dominant showing against Caleb Plant in November 2021 proves otherwise. As the reigning undisputed super middleweight champion, Canelo will be defending his title against Charlo, who is moving up two weight classes in an attempt to dethrone him. With Charlo having the advantage in height, reach, and power,

Canelo may face difficulties, especially considering Charlo’s potential speed advantage as he moves up in weight.

Can Canelo keep up with Jermell’s speed?

Jermell Charlo expressed his admiration for Canelo Alvarez, acknowledging his success in the sport and the challenge of facing him in the ring. Charlo believes that his speed, power, and experience will be key factors in the fight. However, he recognizes that landing punches on Canelo will not be easy due to his exceptional defense and counter-punching ability. Charlo is aware that overcommitting to his punches could leave him vulnerable to Canelo’s counters, which could potentially end the fight.

Despite Canelo having more fights and experience, Charlo emphasizes that he has been a professional since 2007 and has faced numerous opponents, both as an amateur and a professional. He is confident in his ability to compete against Canelo and is prepared for the challenge.

Charlo also mentions that he has sparred with larger opponents, which has given him the opportunity to adapt to different styles and power levels. Ultimately, Charlo sees Canelo as just another opponent and is ready to prove himself in the ring.

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