Apple shocks Google with groundbreaking move – set to launch own search engine!

The Google search engine continues to dominate and is present in most technological devices nowadays. Even Apple includes this search engine in its product line, but Cupertino’s policy of not relying on third parties is well-known. It appears that the company’s plans involve creating its own search engine. Watch out, Google!

Apple still has a long way to go to create its own search engine. The company is known for doing everything in its power to not depend on third-party technology. However, when it comes to search engines, Apple includes Google in its entire lineup of devices as the main search engine.

But it seems that Apple has plans to change this dependence on its American competitor. According to Mark Gurman, a journalist from Bloomberg agency, Tim Cook’s company has been working on its own search technology for some time now.

The renowned journalist ensures that Apple still has a long way to go in this field, but when its search engine is ready, it will be a more integrated and private solution compared to Google’s engine.

Rumors have been circulating about meetings between Apple and Microsoft for the acquisition of Bing. According to Mark Gurman, Apple is already testing its own search in some applications, such as Spotlight, which helps users find items on their devices.

On the other hand, some rumors have indicated that Apple and Microsoft have been having several meetings. The subject on the table is the acquisition of Bing by Apple. For now, it seems that these meetings are only serving to explore Apple’s interest in buying this search engine and the benefits of Microsoft in selling it, with no agreement reached.

If the information that Google’s search engine can be replaced in Apple devices is confirmed, it will be a heavy blow to the search giant, given the number of Apple users worldwide.

According to Bloomberg news agency, Apple receives a portion of Google’s ad revenue. The same source states that Apple earns $8 billion annually, or approximately €7.5 billion, from this partnership. But it seems that even with these enticing numbers, Apple wants to break free from this dependence.

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