Apple unveils groundbreaking update to tackle overheating issue plaguing iPhone 15- You won’t believe the results!

Apple has released a new update for its smartphones today. The iOS 17.0.3 update is now available for all compatible models, with a special focus on the latest iPhone 15 models.

One of the main fixes in this software update specifically addresses the overheating issues that have been concerning users of the new Apple phones.

The iOS 17.0.3 update is now rolling out to all iPhone users, with a build number of 21A360 and a size of 445 MB. It is compatible with all devices that have been able to install previous versions of iOS 17 released by Apple.

According to Apple, this update includes various bug fixes and security updates, but the most significant one is related to the iPhone 15 overheating problems.

Reports of higher-than-expected temperatures in the new Apple smartphones emerged shortly after their launch. The issue gained more attention over the past weekend, prompting the tech company to address the situation.

Apple confirmed the above-average heating issues on the iPhone 15 and attributed the problem to a bug in iOS 17. The fix for this problem comes with the iOS 17.0.3 update, which is expected to resolve all the reported heating problems so far.

In regards to the overheating of the iPhone 15, Apple has stated that it is not due to the titanium structure of the device. This clarification comes in response to comments blaming the new construction of the iPhone 15 for this phenomenon.

The American tech company claims that the new structure of the iPhone 15 Pro actually improves the heat dissipation of its components, dismissing any blame on titanium for the overheating issue with their new products.

If you own an iPhone 15 or any other Apple device, it is recommended to install the iOS 17.0.3 update as soon as possible. This update can be found in the device settings under the software update section.

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