Attention PlayStation Users: Take These Steps NOW to Secure Your Account

Last week, we were faced with the disturbing news that all of Sony’s systems were targeted in a cyber attack. The alert came from the group responsible for the attack, but its veracity is still uncertain. Sony has not confirmed or denied this attack, stating only that a thorough investigation is underway to determine if there was indeed a security breach in the company’s systems.

While Sony remains silent on the matter, PlayStation users are concerned about the security of their data. With this in mind, security experts from SecureTeam have released five tips that users should follow to ensure that their accounts do not fall into the hands of third parties.

The first and most basic advice is to change your password. This is an effective measure when doubts arise about the security of our data. It is recommended to change your access password to the PSN as soon as possible. The new password should be unique and strong, combining letters, numbers, and symbols. If you use the same password for other services, it is advisable to change that credential as well.

Another tip is to activate two-factor authentication. This well-known system among those concerned about the security of their data requires a unique and temporary code to access your PSN account. With this mechanism in place, the task of hacking into your account becomes even more difficult.

Users should also monitor their accounts more regularly. By doing so, it becomes easier to detect any suspicious activity and take swift and effective measures. If any suspicious movements are noticed, it is recommended to contact Sony and your bank for further instructions to ensure the security of sensitive data.

In the event of a compromised account, it is important to immediately contact Sony’s support service. It is advisable to do so by phone and use email as a second option if no response is received.

Finally, staying informed is another effective way to guarantee the security of your data. Following credible and reputable news sources that cover security issues and paying attention to any statements released by Sony is crucial.

While these tips were compiled with PlayStation users in mind, they offer valuable security advice for anyone. It is important to follow some of these recommendations for all your accounts to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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