Grayscale Makes Groundbreaking Move to Turn Ethereum Trust into an ETH Spot ETF – You Won’t Believe the Potential Impact!


Grayscale Investments, a digital asset management firm, has announced its intention to convert the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (OTCQX: ETHE) into an Ethereum spot ETF. This move comes amidst the race for the launch of cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs), particularly focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum. The NYSE Arca has already submitted the corresponding Form 19b-4, the … Read more

Amazon’s shocking mistake leaves customers trembling in disbelief with confirmation email for gift cards


Over the weekend, Amazon’s customer support service had a challenging time dealing with an unexpected situation. Users flooded Amazon’s service and social media with reports of receiving a wrong email confirming a purchase made with gift cards that were never actually bought. Amazon assures users that their accounts remain secure. The company frightened its customers … Read more

FTX’s Hacker Makes Jaw-Dropping Moves, Shuffles Almost R$200 Million in Cryptocurrencies in Recent Days!


Hackers have recently moved around $38 million (approximately $200 million in Brazilian Real) in cryptocurrencies from the compromised cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which has been in bankruptcy since November last year. Lookonchain, a cryptocurrency investigation platform, revealed that the individual responsible for the FTX hack transferred 7,500 ETH (worth $12.62 million) in the past 24 hours … Read more

Apple shocks Google with groundbreaking move – set to launch own search engine!


The Google search engine continues to dominate and is present in most technological devices nowadays. Even Apple includes this search engine in its product line, but Cupertino’s policy of not relying on third parties is well-known. It appears that the company’s plans involve creating its own search engine. Watch out, Google! Apple still has a … Read more