Benoît Saint-Denis Unleashes on Izzy Adesanya: Exposing the Weakness in the UFC

Israel Adesanya lost his middleweight title over the weekend in a surprising turn of events. This loss has sent a strong message, particularly to Benoit Saint-Denis, the rising star of French MMA. Since his last victory at UFC Paris, Saint-Denis has become not only the new face of French MMA but also a promising contender in the highly competitive lightweight division. Despite his youth, there are already notable figures within the organization who believe that this former special forces fighter has what it takes to become a champion. Saint-Denis himself feels confident in his ability to reach the top, especially considering the state of mixed martial arts in France. The weekend’s unexpected outcome should give him hope, as it proves that even an underdog like Sean Strickland can defeat a legend like Israel Adesanya.

Benoit Saint-Denis openly discusses the title

As a passionate fan, BSD watched the surprising defeat of Israel Adesanya and had some reactions. He looked into the history of the new middleweight champion and noticed a detail that gave him confidence for his own career.

Recall that Sean Strickland couldn’t last 2 rounds against Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos, but he destroyed Israel Adesanya. Gabriel Miranda, who fought against Benoît Saint-Denis at UFC Paris 1, submitted his opponent in less than 1 minute. This shows that there is room for improvement in this world filled with weaknesses. BSD is excited for what’s to come, expecting a bloody battle.

Elizeu dos Santos, the Brazilian fighter who defeated Benoît Saint-Denis in his UFC debut, has also knocked out the new middleweight champion Sean Strickland. For the French fighter, this is a sign that he can reach the top. If he could withstand such a formidable opponent, who was using illegal substances and fighting in a higher weight class, how could he lose against someone else?

BSD promises a bloodbath against his next opponent, which would be a step towards his golden dream. With his recent performances and growing popularity, he expects the UFC to offer him a ranked opponent in the Top 15 or even Top 10, which would immediately place him among the world’s elite fighters. The future holds great things for him, and his fans are there to support him.

If Sean Strickland can defeat Israel Adesanya so convincingly, Benoît Saint-Denis can dream of defeating Islam Makhachev, the current UFC lightweight champion. He can count on the support of an entire country.

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