Breaking News: OnePlus Watch 2 Set to Arrive in 2024, but Can It Really Prove Its Worth?

With the year 2023 coming to an end, all eyes are on the upcoming releases from brands for the next year. OnePlus is no exception, and it appears that the Chinese tech company is preparing to launch a new smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch 2.

Details about this technological product are scarce, but its existence gains credibility within the tech community. This is because well-known leaker Max Jambor has mentioned its existence and planned release in 2024.

Jambor made the mention on the X social network, pointing out its round design, similar to the original model, and its launch next year. The trend for round camera modules in the latest OnePlus smartphones gives further evidence that their next watch will also be round.

For now, this is the only detail we have about the new OnePlus smartwatch. The other technical aspects of this gadget remain a mystery, something that we will have to unveil in the coming months.

In light of this, we can only speculate and hope that the OnePlus Watch 2 will be different from the original model in some crucial aspects. Not that the OnePlus Watch is a terrible smartwatch, but there is room for improvement.

Several reviews of the OnePlus Watch indicate a mediocre product, plagued by bugs, a lack of functionality, and a sense of being unfinished. The available applications and features fall short of expectations.

This device runs on its own operating system, without an external app store, and only has 15 watch faces available. In terms of sports and health features, it meets the basics but fails to impress.

Therefore, the OnePlus Watch 2 will have the challenging task of making us forget about its predecessor. The new smartwatch from the Chinese tech company will need to be significantly different to persuade consumers in an increasingly competitive market.

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