Discover the Incredible Possibilities of the Canva Plugin for OpenAI’s ChatGPT

OpenAI has released a new Canva plugin for ChatGPT. With this addition, creating visual images with the conversational chatbot becomes much easier.

For those who have tried using Canva with ChatGPT, they know it’s a rather complicated process. Creating images required a lot of manipulations. Now, OpenAI aims to change this with the new integrated Canva plugin for ChatGPT. Creating logos, photo covers, or posters will now be much easier.

How to Add the Canva Plugin to ChatGPT

It’s important to note that the initial activation of the feature is not automatic. One needs to go to the ChatGPT plugin store. Then, select the Canva plugin and install it. After this step, the plugin will be available on OpenAI’s generative AI homepage.

Upon accessing the homepage, simply select GPT-4 to start a new conversation with the conversational agent. It’s worth noting that the ChatGPT mobile app doesn’t offer plugins. Therefore, the new Canva feature is only available on the web and desktop applications of the AI.

It’s crucial to emphasize that only those who pay for ChatGPT Plus can enjoy this addition. For information on the prices and terms of this service, another article provides essential details.


Functionality with a Simplified Interface

The new Canva plugin doesn’t change the way ChatGPT is used. As usual, users only need to start a conversation with the chatbot. They then describe the image they wish to create in a prompt.

Let’s take the example of a soccer-specialized blogger who wants to change the image of his X account. He could write in the prompt, “I’m a soccer enthusiast active on X. Create a new banner for my account.” ChatGPT will then present a list of images. The user will choose the design they like the most.

It’s important to note that the Canva plugin doesn’t work miracles. The results won’t always be to the user’s liking. In such cases, they’ll need to make manual adjustments to the obtained images.

Limited Canva Plugin Options for Suggestions

A new graphic design solution is available with multiple templates. Users can quickly find templates for their creations. The plugin will make relevant suggestions based on the type of design, whether it’s a Twitch overlay, a social media banner, or a simple illustrative image.

Users will have to wait a bit longer for advanced customization options. With the new Canva plugin, ChatGPT is limited to offering templates. It’s worth noting that each suggested template comes with a link to Canva. Users can click on it to customize directly on the graphic design platform.

The new Canva plugin for ChatGPT offers significant time-saving. Without it, users might spend several minutes browsing through Canva’s template catalog before finding the ideal model. OpenAI’s generative AI directs the appropriate templates to ease searches.

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