Earth-Shattering Revelation: The Biggest Theory of Dragon Ball Super Resurfaces! Could Goku and Vegeta Actually…?

Dragon Ball Super takes a significantly different approach to its storyline compared to its predecessors. While Dragon Ball and Z followed the growth of Goku and Gohan, naturally leading from one story to the next, Super treats each arc as a standalone adventure with more distinct beginnings and endings. This more relaxed storytelling approach has left many fans wondering about the direction the show will ultimately take. With enough ongoing developments to suggest a broader narrative, there is also the possibility that Super could conclude with a regular arc that wraps up without much fanfare. If Super is truly building something grand around Goku and Vegeta, what could it possibly be? Signs of a possible succession One of the most popular theories regarding the ending of Dragon Ball Super revolves around the ultimate fate of Goku and Vegeta. As they evolve as fighters, Super has highlighted their respective unique fighting styles, leading them to acquire forms that are more than just power-ups. Goku’s Ultra Instinct allows him to move unconsciously in battle, representing the pinnacle of his martial arts teachings, while Vegeta’s Ultra Ego fuels his thirst for blood, increasing his strength with each blow taken. Importantly, these forms are used by the Angels and Gods of Destruction. Whis reveals that the Angels are in a permanent state of Ultra Instinct and encourages Goku to reach the same level of mastery. Vegeta, on the other hand, learns Ultra Ego after training with Beerus, with this form requiring the divine ki of the God of Destruction to activate. The design of these forms intentionally resembles the white hair of the Angels and the purple ki of the Gods of Destruction, reinforcing this connection. Predecessors to follow? These developments strengthen the idea that Goku is Whis’ protege, and Vegeta is Beerus’. It is an interesting way to differentiate the two Saiyans and their respective fighting styles, but could it also suggest that they will eventually replace Beerus and Whis as the God of Destruction and Angel of Universe 7? This idea was first hinted at in Battle of Gods when Whis casually asked Goku if he wanted to replace Beerus. At the time, it seemed like a joke, but as revealed in the “Tournament of Power” arc, being a God of Destruction is a title that can actually be transferred. Toppo trained to replace Universe 11’s Destroyer, Belmod. Toppo then used a God of Destruction form during the Tournament of Power, which in retrospect foreshadowed Vegeta’s Ultra Ego. Passing the torch? Goku and Vegeta training with Whis With this in mind, the fact that Vegeta is being trained to be Beerus’ future replacement makes sense. Beerus himself has expressed his fatigue with his duties as a God of Destruction, finding no more joy in the role. Thus, Whis’ playful remark may have revealed Beerus’ true desire. And since Goku declined the role, Vegeta is the most qualified next candidate. Details about the Angels remain unclear, but Super also introduced an apprentice angel in the form of Merus during the events of the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc. Merus lost his divine abilities after breaking the Angels’ code and joined the Galactic Patrol as a mortal. This indicates that being an Angel is a title that can be earned or lost, so it’s possible for Goku to become one as well. Preparing the next generation If Dragon Ball Super is truly preparing Goku and Vegeta to join the rank of gods, it would explain why recent storylines have been focused on setting up the next generation. The “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc re-emphasized the importance of Uub, the reincarnation of Kid Buu, revealing that he has inherited the divine abilities of the Great Supreme Kai. Super Hero, on the other hand, gave Gohan and Piccolo powers on par with Goku and Vegeta, and showed Pan following martial arts training, just like her father and grandfather before her. These developments could set up a status quo without Goku and Vegeta to save the day. If they were to accept these roles, they would have to adopt a policy of non-interference. The Earth would thus need new saviors on their level, and the aforementioned characters would be perfect candidates for that role. Flaws in this theory While this theory may be enticing, it does have some flaws. While the nature of Angels remains a mystery, it’s worth noting that all the Angels introduced so far are the children of the Grand Minister, Zeno’s chief advisor. The role might be hereditary, which would make Goku’s succession unlikely. Additionally, Goku himself has stated that he does not wish to be a God of Destruction or an Angel. Vegeta, on the other hand, has expressed his desire to protect Earth rather than destroy it. If the Saiyans were to accept these roles, it would be a massive change for their characters. That being said, if Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro decided to set them up as Gods of Destruction and Angels, it would be a natural conclusion for Super. Goku and Vegeta have already reached unprecedented levels of power, and their narrative arcs have led them to a divine level. Furthermore, the story of Dragon Ball has always been focused on growth and change, with passing the torch and moments of evolution. This would be an appropriate way to conclude their story while setting up the next generation. The question of whether Goku and Vegeta are being trained to replace Beerus and Whis remains unanswered. However, the evolution of their abilities and the establishment of the next heroes of Universe 7 provide an intriguing storyline to follow. Whether or not this scenario plays out, the future of Universe 7 looks exciting.

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