FTX’s Hacker Makes Jaw-Dropping Moves, Shuffles Almost R$200 Million in Cryptocurrencies in Recent Days!

Hackers have recently moved around $38 million (approximately $200 million in Brazilian Real) in cryptocurrencies from the compromised cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which has been in bankruptcy since November last year. Lookonchain, a cryptocurrency investigation platform, revealed that the individual responsible for the FTX hack transferred 7,500 ETH (worth $12.62 million) in the past 24 hours alone. This amounts to roughly R$63.75 million in the current exchange rate. In total, the hacker has moved 22,500 ETH (equivalent to $38 million or R$200 million) over the past two days, including the conversion of 2,500 Ether ($4 million) to Bitcoin using privacy platforms Thorchain and Railgun on Saturday.

Remarkably, there are still 163,235 ETH (worth $275 million or R$1.4 billion) remaining in various wallets associated with the hack, according to Lookonchain.

The FTX hack was previously reported in January of this year, when the exchange disclosed losses of $415 million due to hacking attacks. These losses equated to approximately R$2.1 billion at the time. The report further detailed that $323 million in cryptocurrencies had been stolen from FTX International, with the remaining $90 million taken from FTX.US. This attack occurred shortly after the exchange’s founder and former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 and departed from the exchange.

The incident caught the attention of the US Department of Justice, which launched an investigation to identify the individual or entity responsible for the hack. However, the hacker’s identity remains unknown to this day. Speculation also arose suggesting that the hack could be an inside job involving a current or former employee of FTX.

Interestingly, these recent fund transfers from FTX coincide with SBF’s upcoming trial on charges of fraud and money laundering, scheduled to begin on Tuesday, August 3.

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