Government Shaken as Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Unveils Revolutionary Plan to Harness Blockchain Technology!

Federal deputy Caio Vianna (PSD-DF) has filed a request for the installation of the Congressional Innovation and Blockchain Innovation Front (FPBI) in the Chamber of Deputies. The front has about 200 signatures of support from parliamentarians in Congress.

According to Vianna, the FPBI will be the first front installed in Congress to address the subject and has the mission of promoting innovation and the technological sector in our country.

“The creation of laws that encourage and regulate the application of blockchain in different areas is one of our priorities, but we also strive to attract investments, whether from the public or private sphere. We believe that the combination of an appropriate regulatory environment and proper funding is essential for the expansion and consolidation of blockchain technology in our country,” he said.

Vianna stated that considering the growing impact and opportunities that technology provides to various sectors, the adoption of blockchain can optimize public services. In addition, it can reduce bureaucracy, streamline processes, and facilitate interoperability between different government agencies and entities.

Blockchain in Government
According to Vianna, this technology can enable task automation, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and reducing operational costs.

As highlighted, the implementation of blockchain has the potential to transform sectors such as the economy, healthcare, logistics, education, public administration, and many others. This is because the technology is recognized for its ability to ensure transparency, security, traceability, and immutability of records.

These characteristics, according to him, are essential to address challenges in various sectors, such as data leaks, fraud, lack of trust in transactions, and integrity issues.

Requested through REQ 3358/2023, the Deputy points out that the Front is committed to holding several debates to clarify and deepen understanding of the subject.

“As president of the FPBI, I can affirm that we will have various thematic coordinations, focused on key topics such as blockchain and innovation, tokenization, the digital universe, Web3, artificial intelligence, among others. These coordinations will be led by fellow parliamentarians, responsible for studying and presenting proposals related to the subject of their competence,” says parliamentarian Caio Vianna.

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