Maximize Your Gmail Security: 5 Expert Tips for Ultimate Protection

Every day, we receive sensitive information in our Gmail account and it is crucial to protect our banking data, professional information, and even our love letters.
We have prepared a set of simple tips with which you can strengthen the security of your account in the most widely used email service in the world.

1. Disable Smart Features

Gmail offers several smart features that learn the user’s writing habits and provide suggestions based on that learning. However, it is possible to remove this type of smart writing. To do this, go to the Settings menu, located in the top right corner, choose See all settings, and stay in the General menu. Here, a list of these smart features is displayed, which should be disabled.

One more step is required. Still in the Settings menu, choose Inbox and navigate to Importance Markers. In this area, choose the option Do not use my past actions to predict which messages are important to me.

2. External Images and Dynamic Email

External images and dynamic email can act as trackers, but you can reduce this security risk.
In the Settings menu, under General, scroll down until you find the Images option. Here, change the option to Ask before displaying external images. Right after that, you will find the Dynamic Email, which you simply need to disable.

3. Secure Sending of Confidential Emails


As a security measure, Gmail already has a confidential mode that prevents the recipient from forwarding a confidential email. To activate this feature, open a new email and click on the lock icon. From there, you can select the expiration date and choose the validity of the confidential email. Make sure to save the chosen option.

4. Inbox Spam and Important Emails in Spam

Are you still receiving unwanted emails in your inbox? Take action by marking them as spam using the dedicated button located on the left side of the toolbar. This will help Gmail identify similar emails in the future and prevent them from cluttering your inbox.

However, if you find important emails mistakenly ending up in your spam folder, you can rescue them by opening the email and selecting the option “Not Spam” located below the search box. This will ensure that future emails from the same sender or with similar content are delivered to your inbox.

By following these simple steps, you can enhance the security of your Gmail account and reduce the risk of falling victim to phishing attempts or other malicious activities. Stay vigilant and keep your inbox safe from unwanted emails.

5. Email Designed for Risky Situations

Creating a separate email account for less secure situations is a good way to enhance your online security. By keeping your primary email address for known contacts and entities, and using the alternate email for new contacts, marketing campaigns, etc., you can better protect yourself.

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