One Piece Episode 1078: Shocking Release Date and Time Revealed – Prepare for an Epic Adventure!

The latest episode of One Piece has once again dazzled us. As Luffy landed on the roof of the Skull Dome, the intensity was at its peak. With Kaido’s defeat and Nekomamushi’s declaration that Oden’s vengeance was accomplished, it was a memorable victory. Furthermore, the touching story of Toko and Yasuie’s sacrifice added spice to the intrigue.

Moreover, Yamato’s clever move to relocate Onigashima away from the Flower Capital was a brilliant surprise. Finally, the eruption caused by the fall of Kaido and Big Mom was simply astonishing. The return of Momonosuke and his announcement as the new shogun concluded an unforgettable episode that fully satisfied fans eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Wano Country Arc.

The next episode of One Piece is scheduled to air on Sunday, October 1st at 4:00 AM.

As for what happened previously in One Piece, while Luffy fell into a deep sleep and landed on the roof of the Skull Dome, Onigashima safely reached its destination near the Flower Capital. The assault on Onigashima concluded with Kaido’s defeat. Inside the Skull Dome, the allied forces joyfully celebrated their hard-fought victory, while Chopper and Miyagi diligently tended to the wounded. Meanwhile, Yamato exerted pressure on the remaining Pirates of the Hundred Beasts crew to surrender, and Momonosuke personally vowed to protect the borders of Wano Country against external threats, abandoning the idea of opening them.

Tenguyama narrated the story of Toko and Yasuie in the Flower Capital. When Toko, hungry and desperate, consumed a Smile fruit and experienced its side effects, Yasuie also consumed one to stay by her side. Toko transformed her Celestial Dragon ship as a tribute to Yasuie, to remember the sacrifices her father made that made the assault possible. The remaining members of the Hundred Beasts crew tried to continue the fight despite their defeat. However, Yamato intervened and warned them against their actions, revealing that Momonosuke had carefully moved Onigashima away from the Flower Capital.

Kaido returned to his human form as he began losing consciousness and submerged underground. He entered the same magma chamber as Big Mom, triggering a volcanic eruption that covered the sky in ashes. Meanwhile, Momonosuke returned to the Flower Capital with the Nine Red Scabbards to reassure the terrified citizens and announce their victory and the establishment of a new shogunate.

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