The Impact of the Sahara Dust Cloud on Vehicles: Avoid Fines by Keeping Your Car Clean

Driving with a dirty windshield can be dangerous and costly. It is a requirement of the Highway Code. The announcement of a new sandstorm coming from the Sahara this weekend in Occitanie is tempting drivers to postpone cleaning their cars. While this may seem logical, it can lead to an unpleasant surprise during a traffic control.

Having a clean car is actually a legal obligation according to Article R316-4 of the Highway Code. “The windshields of motor vehicles, except for two-wheeled mopeds (…) must be equipped with at least one windshield wiper that has sufficient surface area, power, and frequency for the driver to clearly see the road from their seat. The windshield must also be equipped with a windshield washer device.

A fine of €68, up to €180 if increased


You may be fined a 3rd category fine for not complying with this obligation. The amount of the fixed fine is 68 euros. If paid in advance, the fine is reduced to 45 euros. If paid late, the fine is increased to 180 euros.

This risk should be taken seriously, especially if you run out of windshield washer fluid! It is better to be prepared and able to clean your windshield at any time.

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