Shocking Revelation: Attack on Titans is Far from Over! Official Announcement Drops, Get Ready for Mind-blowing Surprises

One of the most popular manga franchises of recent decades, “Attack on Titan” created by Hajime Isayama, has captivated a diverse audience with its twists and complex characters. The news that Isayama may be picking up his pen to write a new chapter is therefore greeted with enthusiasm.

From September 2009 to April 2021, “Attack on Titan” has amassed a huge fan base. With numerous awards and 120 million copies sold, the series has spawned anime adaptations, video games, live-action films, and numerous spin-offs. Now, a rumor suggests that Isayama may be releasing 18 new pages of the manga in an artbook.

According to the reputable Twitter account AniNewsAndFacts, Hajime Isayama will release a volume of 18 pages of “Attack on Titan” titled “Attack on Titan Volume 35,” which will accompany the complete illustration book of the series, available on April 30, 2024. While few details about the plot have been revealed, this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about the content of this volume.

Fans are wondering: Is Isayama trying to “correct” the controversial ending of the manga? Some hope for a new conclusion, while others believe it could be an epilogue with updates on the fate of the surviving characters of “Attack on Titan.” While these rumors may have some basis, it is advisable to take them with a grain of salt until an official update is provided. The announcement of this new volume has already caused a buzz on social media, highlighting the fans’ impatience. 2024 promises to be an emotional year for anime enthusiasts, and this news only reinforces that anticipation. With its exquisite art, captivating story, and profound themes, the ephemeral return of “Attack on Titan” is undoubtedly an event not to be missed.

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