Shocking Revelation: Naruto’s Bond with Obito Stronger than with Kakashi?

The Superficial Link Between Naruto and Kakashi: A Father Figure Missed

The relationship between Naruto and Kakashi has often seemed superficial. On numerous occasions, Kakashi has given more attention to Sasuke’s training, leaving Naruto feeling neglected. This is why Jiraiya intervened, taking Naruto under his wing to master his Sage Mode. While some saw Kakashi as a “father” figure to Naruto during this time, due to the relationship between Naruto’s father, Minato, and Kakashi, it is evident that Kakashi has not always lived up to the role of mentor.

The Same Outsider Energy Between Naruto and Obito

Similar to young Naruto, Obito was full of enthusiasm and ambition. Like Naruto, he dreamed of becoming a Hokage. Furthermore, his ninja skills were not innate, so he had to put in extra effort. Naruto felt a deep connection with Obito, realizing that if he lost faith, he could follow the same dark path. This realization was reinforced when Naruto learned how Obito had perished in the war.

Obito, a Valuable Aid to Naruto

Obito played a crucial role in helping Naruto defeat Madara and Kaguya. His redemption and belief in Naruto’s potential ultimately led Naruto to bring Sasuke back home. Even after Kaguya’s downfall, Naruto knew he couldn’t let anyone kill Sasuke. Unlike Kakashi, who has always been a pillar for Naruto, Obito was the true driving force, deeply understanding Naruto’s challenges and aspirations.

In the end, although Kakashi played a fundamental role in Naruto’s development, it was Obito who allowed Naruto to mature quickly and become a better man. This revelation shows us the complexity and depth of relationships in the world of Naruto, where bonds of the heart often prevail over blood ties.

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