Shocking Revelation: The Jaw-Dropping Sales Figures of Google Pixel Finally Unveiled!

Google Pixel Sales Surpass 40 Million Units Since 2016

By Rui Bacelar | October 8, 2023 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Among the 4gnews reader community, there are surely many fans of pure Android and the ecosystem created by Google with its flawless user experience. From the beginning of the Nexus program in 2010, with the HTC-manufactured Nexus One, to the latest Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Throughout the years, we also saw some generations manufactured by Huawei, LG, and even HTC, which sold a good portion of its company to Google. In 2016, the tech giant ended the Nexus line and introduced its own Pixel devices, with two models – the regular and the Pixel XL.

Google has reportedly sold around 40 million smartphones since 2016, according to Francisco Jerónimo, a market analyst at IDC. Despite Google’s long history in the smartphone market, its sales volume represents just a small drop in the ocean. The numbers show that Google sold 37.9 million smartphones since 2016, with 30 million devices sold by the end of 2022.

This means that in the last year alone, Google sold approximately 10 million Google Pixel devices. While the Google Pixel may be seen as direct competitors to Apple’s iPhone, the sales numbers tell a different story. However, as Jerónimo points out, Google Pixel sales are on the rise and enjoying a period of growth.

One of the main strengths of the Google Pixel line is its use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and optimizations. The latest versions of Google phones have excelled in photography, incorporating various AI-assisted content capture modes. Google has gradually improved the quality of its computational photography, popularizing the concept.

Furthermore, Google has been experiencing significant growth in the Japanese market, although its growth in the United States has been slower. Nevertheless, the company has shown a stronger performance among American consumers.

Similar to Apple, Google has the advantage of being able to create both hardware and software, two essential components that most competitors cannot match.

In conclusion, Google’s Pixel sales have reached a significant milestone, surpassing 40 million units since 2016. With their emphasis on AI and computational photography, Google Pixel devices continue to gain popularity in the smartphone market.

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