The Shocking Truth Revealed: Why Humans in Dragon Ball Are Causing a Huge Stir

Dragon Ball has always been known for its exploration of the lore and transformations of the Saiyans, which sets it apart from other main characters in the series. This exploration adds depth to the overall storyline and mythology of the show. The focus on the Saiyans allows the human heroes to retire and lead normal lives, giving them a privilege that other characters do not have and adding depth to their stories.

Dragon Ball initially started with a more grounded approach, highlighting realistic martial arts rather than radical transformations and energy attacks. There was a time when humans could compete with Goku and other powerful characters in the series. However, as the interest in Super Saiyans grew, human heroes became increasingly rare and insignificant.

Characters like Krillin, Master Roshi, Yamcha, and Tien were once among the strongest warriors in Dragon Ball. But the shift in focus has led to significant revelations about the Saiyans and greatly evolved the lore of the series.

While Dragon Ball Z focuses heavily on action, it also portrays its characters as real people with lives beyond the battlefield. The preference for Saiyan warriors actually allows the human heroes to “retire” and enjoy the rest of their lives. The series also highlights that the Saiyan invasion is a turning point for most human heroes on Earth.

The reveal that Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball, is actually a Saiyan alien doesn’t come until Dragon Ball Z, when he learns the truth from his evil warrior brother, Raditz. This revelation adds impact to Goku’s heroic journey. Goku and Vegeta tirelessly fight to protect their adoptive home, Earth, which they have grown to love.

Dragon Ball has found success by focusing on the mysterious transformations of alien races like the Saiyans and the Nameks. While the humans in Dragon Ball have achieved incredible levels of power, the series shows that there are natural limits to their strength.

Dragon Ball has somewhat limited itself by always showcasing bigger and stronger villains. The contributions of humans in the Tournament of Power and the battle against Moro and his Galactic Bandit Brigade resonate because they are often overlooked. Dragon Ball Super is slowly learning to share the spotlight with its wide cast of characters.

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