The Unbelievable Release Date and Time Revealed: Prepare to be Astonished!

Last week, we witnessed the highly anticipated release of the latest arc of the popular gang-based anime series, Tokyo Revengers. Despite his efforts to change the future, Takemichi continues to struggle against a dark fate. To add to his challenges, the formidable Tenjiku gang, led by Izana Kurokawa, is making its threatening presence felt in Shibuya.

In the inaugural episode of this arc, viewers witnessed the merciless assault of Tenjiku on the members of Toman. While the intentions of Izana and Kisaki remain mysterious, fans eagerly await the next episode.

Prior to the release of the new episode, the official website gave us a good glimpse of what’s to come next in the series. Takemichi and his companions were attacked by Tenjiku, but with the help of Vice-Captain Souya Kawada and Sub-Captain Nahoya Kawada, they managed to infiltrate Tenjiku’s hideout. Waiting for them was Tsurucho, Takemichi’s childhood friend. Despite being enemies now, Tsurucho warned Takemichi of potential traitors. The next day, Tokyo Manjikai will hold an urgent meeting to gather information about Tenjiku. However, Takemichi is concerned about Tsurucho’s advice and Kisaki’s agenda.

Episode 2 of Tokyo Revengers season 3 will officially air on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at 5:00 PM. In Japan, various local networks like MBS, AT-X, and TV Tokyo will broadcast the episode, while for fans outside of Japan, Disney Plus has acquired the rights to the series. As usual, simultaneous release will follow, so the schedule will vary depending on your location.

Previously in Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi was lost regarding Tenjiku’s identity. Kisaki, now a general officer of Tenjiku, aspired to create his own legacy similar to Toman’s and gain Mikey’s acceptance. Shuji came to fetch Kisaki, and Kanji, full of doubts, took Chifuyu away, vowing to avoid further trouble. Atsushi prepared to confront Tenjiku, but suddenly terrified Tenjiku members reported being pursued by the diabolical Meguro twins, Souya and Nahoya. Takemichi discovered that they were brothers, known as Smiley and Angry, and together they set off on a mission to confront Yokohama.

On the way, Nahoya questioned Chifuyu about his fight with Kanji. Chifuyu tried to save face, but Nahoya reminded him that there was no need to act tough; Kanji was strong and had even beaten them. They talked about their past as leaders of the Twin Devils gang, fighting against the Jugem gang, and ultimately, Kanji had defeated both of them. The twins were honest about their defeats, explaining that they didn’t pick fights they couldn’t win. They interrogated two members of Tenjiku, but their questioning seemed intense. Takemichi suspected Tetta’s involvement and wondered if he was also a time traveler seeking to manipulate Toman’s future for himself. Chifuyu urged him to stay focused on Tenjiku’s current situation.

Kanji faced Mitsuya in an intense fight, both surprised by each other’s strength. The Haitani brothers arrived, with Ran incapacitating Mitsuya, frustrating Kanji. They planned to attack Toman while it was vulnerable. Takemichi’s group arrived at Tenjiku’s hideout, but they were outnumbered. Kakucho, one of Tenjiku’s leaders, stepped forward for a one-on-one fight, and Nahoya volunteered to fight first. But Kakucho declared that he wanted to face Takemichi first. Takemichi landed a punch, surprising everyone by knocking Kakucho out in one blow. He suddenly realized that he knew Kakucho since childhood. They reunited, but Kakucho now idolized Tenjiku’s leader, Izana. Kakucho stated that he couldn’t help Takemichi but warned him of a traitor within Toman.

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