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“Dragon Ball: Kakumei” addresses fans’ criticisms of Dragon Ball Super by offering a darker tone and more mature themes. This doujinshi corrects some of the narrative issues of its predecessor by reintroducing characters from erased universes and providing a central storyline that connects multiple arcs. Kakumei showcases each character, with all the Z Warriors undergoing training and embarking on quests in different universes.

Despite the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super’s broadcast in 2018, the enthusiasm surrounding the franchise remains stronger than ever. Following the series’ hiatus, fans have been treated with two movies, a non-canon show, numerous video games, and the monthly manga. The latter has been regularly published every month since June 2015, except for a four-month period from August to December 2022.

Many complain that the series has become repetitive in its storytelling and lacks a cohesive narrative. Although the Galactic Prisoner/Moro and Granolah arcs are popular, they don’t significantly advance the overall story. This is where “Dragon Ball: Kakumei” comes in. Written by Reenko, this doujinshi addresses many of the problems facing the canonical storyline of Dragon Ball Super while featuring stunning artwork and a darker tone.

Kakumei begins right after the end of the Tournament of Power arc, when Android 17 wishes for the return of all previously erased universes. However, this wish seems to have unforeseen consequences as it brings back Universes 13 to 19, all of which were erased by Zeno before the start of the main series. One unique aspect of this manga is that Goku is sidelined for a significant part of the story, allowing secondary characters to flourish. The main antagonists are the Destruction Gods and Angels of the seven previously destroyed universes who have united under the leadership of the High Priestess to overthrow Zeno and the Grand Priest. The heroes must then unite and collaborate with many familiar faces to counter this threat.

One of the main criticisms of the last two manga arcs is their reduced scale. While the Tournament of Power was a massive event bringing together the best fighters from each universe, the Moro and Granolah arcs were limited to Universe 7. The major difference between Dragon Ball Super and Kakumei lies in their tone. Kakumei tackles darker subjects and doesn’t shy away from depicting violent scenes. This adds depth to the storytelling, addressing themes such as isolation, torture, revenge, and death. Additionally, each character has their moment to shine, as Reenko ensures that every character plays a role in the upcoming battles.

“Dragon Ball Kakumei” is a must-read for all Dragon Ball fans. It offers a mysterious and captivating story, incredible artwork, and standout moments for each character. While it may not be part of the canonical timeline or arc, it is an expertly written and beautifully drawn version of Dragon Ball Super. Most importantly, Kakumei possesses all the elements to serve as the final arc of Dragon Ball Super, bringing a satisfying conclusion to the series.

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