Unraveling the Extent of One Piece Manga’s Live-Action Adaptation by Netflix: A Current Overview

The current topic of discussion is the Netflix live-action series based on the manga and anime series One Piece. Fans have been delighted with the success of the One Piece live-action adaptation. However, considering the extensive storyline that spans over 26 years and nearly 1,100 manga chapters, the series has only adapted less than 10% of the story so far. With over 1,000 chapters left to adapt, both Tomorrow Studios and Netflix are in for a long journey.

Percentage of One Piece manga adapted

At the time of this article, One Piece live-action has adapted 95 out of 1,091 published manga chapters. This infers that, following a season of eight episodes and 451 minutes, only 8.7% of the story has been adapted for Netflix’s live-action adaptation. As more weeks pass and additional manga chapters are released, the total percentage of adapted chapters will decrease.

What each episode of the live-action adaptation of One Piece covered

Episode 1 – Romance Dawn

Manga chapters: 1-7 | Manga volumes: 1
Anime episodes: 3
Arc: Romance Dawn.

Episode 2 – The Man in the Straw Hat

Manga chapters: 8-21 | Manga volumes: 1-3
Anime episodes: 4-8
Arc: Orange Town.

Episode 3 – Tell No Tales

Manga chapters: 22-28 | Manga volumes: 4-5
Anime episodes: 9-12
Arc: Syrup Village.

Episode 4 – The Pirates Are Coming!

Manga chapters: 29-41 | Manga volumes: 4-5
Anime episodes: 13-18
Arc: Syrup Village.

Episode 5 – Dining at Baratie!

Manga chapters: 42-52 | Anime episodes: 19-24
Arc: Baratie.

Episode 6 – The Chef and the Chore Boy

Manga chapters: 53-68 | Anime episodes: 25-30
Arc: Baratie.

Episode 7 – The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo

Manga chapters: 69-81 | Manga volumes: 8-9
Anime episodes: 31-37
Arc: Arlong Park.

Episode 8 – The Eastern Region’s Worst

Manga chapters: 82-95 | Manga volumes: 10-11
Anime episodes: 38-68
Arc: Arlong Park.

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