Unveiling the Brilliance of Honor 90: A Shining Oasis in the Mid-Range Smartphone Market!

In a world where smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, the search for the perfect device is constant. Every year, new models emerge, promising revolutionary innovations and superior experiences. In the midst of this technological sea, the Honor 90 emerges, attempting to capture the attention of enthusiasts and the general public. But what makes this device worth considering in such a saturated market?

The Honor 90 is the result of careful design, precise engineering, and a clear vision of what users seek in a mobile device. From its high-resolution screen to its robust performance, every detail has been thoughtfully crafted to offer a superior experience. However, specifications alone do not tell the whole story. It is the user experience, the feel of holding the device, the smoothness of the interface, and the quality of the photos that determine if a smartphone is truly exceptional. And that is exactly what we explore in this review. So, if you’re in search of a new smartphone or simply curious about what the Honor 90 has to offer, join us on this journey.

Key technical specifications of the Honor 90:
– 6.7-inch OLED display, 2664 x 1200 pixel resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
– Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 (accelerated version) processor
– 12GB RAM
– 512GB storage
– 200MP primary camera
– 5000mAh battery with 66W charging
– Color: Diamond Silver

Unboxing the Honor 90
Unboxing a new smartphone is always a special moment, filled with anticipation and curiosity. With the Honor 90, this experience is taken to a new level. Upon opening the box, we are immediately greeted by the elegantly positioned Honor 90, ready to be explored. Its Diamond Silver color shines under the light, and the first impression is of a device that has been designed with attention to detail. However, upon removing the smartphone, we notice the absence of a component that many still consider essential: the charger. This decision, which has been adopted by several brands, can be seen as an attempt to promote sustainability by reducing electronic waste. For some, it may seem like a cost-saving measure or an inconvenience, especially for those who do not have a compatible charger at home. Accompanying the device, we find a high-quality USB-C cable, ready to handle fast charging and data transfers. Documentation and the pin for ejecting the SIM card slot complete the set.

What truly stands out during the unboxing is the feeling that we are dealing with a premium product. From the quality of the box’s materials to the arrangement of the accessories, everything has been designed to provide a memorable opening experience.

Design and Construction of the Honor 90
The design of a smartphone is often the first point of contact between the device and the user, and the Honor 90 does not disappoint in this aspect. With sleek lines and a glossy finish, this device is a true delight for the eyes. The Diamond Silver color is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive features of the Honor 90. This tone, complemented by an engraved design on the back, gives the device a unique appearance that stands out in a sea of generic smartphones. The way light reflects on the back, creating patterns and reflections, is something that simply needs to be seen live to be truly appreciated.

But it’s not just in aesthetics that the Honor 90 excels. Ergonomics were clearly a priority. The curved edges and slim profile ensure that the device comfortably fits in the hand, even during long periods of use. The buttons are strategically positioned for easy access, and the tactile feedback they provide is satisfying.

As for construction, the Honor 90 opts for a plastic body. While this material may not convey the same premium feel as glass or metal, it undeniably offers greater resistance to drops and impacts. In addition, the plastic used is of high quality, with a finish that mimics glass, giving the device a solid and robust feel. The assembly is flawless, without gaps or imperfections, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality.

Honor 90 Display
The display is often the window to the digital world, and the Honor 90 certainly offers a spectacular view. With a resolution of 2664 x 1200 pixels, every image, video, or text is presented with stunning clarity. Colors are vibrant, contrasts are deep, and the visual experience is undoubtedly top-notch. The OLED technology used in the device ensures faithful color reproduction and truly deep blacks. If you’re a multimedia enthusiast, the Honor 90 will be a true feast for your eyes. The 120Hz refresh rate is another highlight. This feature, which until recently was exclusive to flagship devices, ensures extremely smooth and responsive navigation. Whether you’re gaming, browsing social media, or navigating menus, everything feels smoother and more immediate. It’s worth highlighting that it was the world’s first smartphone launched with 3840Hz PWM Dimming technology, which the brand claims reflects a zero risk to your eye health.

It’s important to mention the screen’s color calibration. The Honor 90 offers a well-balanced color gamut, avoiding excessive saturation and ensuring a faithful representation of reality. Whether you’re viewing photos, movies, or even editing images, you can rely on the accuracy of the displayed colors.

Honor 90 Audio
Audio is a fundamental part of the smartphone experience, whether for listening to music, watching videos, or making calls. In the Honor 90, we find an audio experience that has its highs and lows. Starting with the positives, the audio quality in calls is noteworthy. Voices are clear, and noise cancellation works effectively, ensuring that conversations are clear even in noisy environments. If you make many calls or video conferences, the Honor 90 will not disappoint you.

However, when it comes to music or multimedia playback, the device does show some limitations. The absence of stereo speakers is immediately noticeable. While many smartphones in the same price range have adopted this configuration, the Honor 90 sticks with a single speaker. This results in an audio experience that, while clear, lacks the depth and immersion that stereo speakers can provide. The maximum volume is adequate for most situations, but in particularly noisy environments, it may not be enough. The overall sound quality is good, with clear mids and crisp highs. However, the bass may sound a bit muffled, especially in more intense music tracks. For true music lovers, the solution may be to use earphones or headphones. Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility ensures stable and high-quality wireless audio connections. While the audio of the Honor 90 is competent for most day-to-day tasks, those who value a top-notch sound experience may feel the need to resort to external solutions.

Honor 90 Performance
Performance is often the heart of a smartphone, determining its ability to handle daily tasks, intensive gaming, and multitasking. In the Honor 90, performance is clearly one of its greatest strengths. The Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 (accelerated version) processor is a powerhouse. This chip, developed by Qualcomm, is known for its efficiency and ability to handle demanding tasks without skipping a beat. In daily use, the Honor 90 moves with impressive fluidity. Whether you’re browsing the web, using social media apps, or editing documents, everything is done quickly and without hiccups.

But the true test of a smartphone’s performance, for many, lies in gaming. And the Honor 90 does not disappoint. The 12GB of RAM ensure that even the most intensive games load quickly and play without interruptions. Popular titles such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, or Pokémon GO run with graphics on maximum settings and maintain a stable frame rate, making full use of the screen’s 120Hz refresh rate. The MagicOS 7.1 interface, based on Android, also plays a crucial role in overall performance. While it comes with some pre-installed apps, most can be removed, and…

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