USA Today’s Unusual Quest for a Journalist: The Search for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, the rural America icon turned global phenomenon

It’s a job that millions of “Swifties” (Taylor Swift fans) could only dream of. On Tuesday, September 12th, a job posting on the “Dayforce” employment website caught everyone’s attention. Titled “Taylor Swift Reporter,” it was written by the American regional media group, Gannett.

“We are looking for an experienced journalist, focused on video, who can capture the musical and cultural impact of Taylor Swift.” The job posting is for USA Today and The Tennessean, a local publication within the USA Today Network.

This job opportunity is far from insignificant and highlights the magnitude of Taylor Swift’s musical phenomenon. “The number of [Taylor] Swift fans has reached unprecedented heights, as has the importance of her music and legacy,” Gannett stated in their announcement.

Do You Have the Perfect Profile?

To have a chance at getting the position, the requirements and criteria are very specific: “An energetic writer, photographer, and social media pro who has an insatiable thirst for everything Taylor Swift does on all platforms.” So, it comes as no surprise that you must be knowledgeable about all the latest news about the star and be able to keep up with her tours around the world.

Working exclusively on the most followed American singer of the moment is not something you can just improvise, and the announcement goes on to further specify the profile: “A creative and energetic journalist who captures the excitement around [Taylor] Swift’s current tour and upcoming album, while providing thoughtful analysis of her music and career.” However, USA Today warns that the “Taylor Swift” journalist must have “a voice, but no biases.

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