Xiaomi’s First Electric Car is Set to Wow with These Amazing Features

Xiaomi Plans to Launch Highly Ambitious Electric Vehicle in 2024

The Chinese tech company Xiaomi is currently working on one of its most ambitious projects, a potentially groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) set to hit the market in 2024. The EV is currently being tested in China, and new details have emerged about potential versions of the vehicle.

According to the Chinese publication Pandaily, Xiaomi will offer at least two different motor options for its electric car, with the primary version being fully electric. However, there will also be an extended range version that includes an auxiliary combustion engine.

These latest revelations follow previous reports about Xiaomi’s recruitment efforts in China focused on developing EVs with improved battery life and extended range. It appears that Xiaomi wants to deliver a version of its electric car with even greater range by incorporating a gasoline-powered engine to supplement the electric motor. This version, known as the Xiaomi Car Long Range, would feature a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and larger capacity batteries.

The Long Range version of the Xiaomi Car would utilize a gasoline generator to charge the electric cells. While specific details are still unknown, this theory has been widely circulated by local sources.

Furthermore, the base version of the Xiaomi Car will feature a 400V platform powered by BYD Blade Battery, while the top-of-the-line version will boast an 800V platform and CATL Qilin Battery with a capacity of 101 kWh, along with the assistance of a gasoline-powered motor/generator.

The first electric car from Xiaomi is expected to have a sporty appearance, similar to the images that have been released. The company aims to attract the younger generation of consumers by offering a vehicle with a sporty look.

The vehicle has already been certified by Bluetooth SIG and will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 processors. It will also have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, USB connectivity, and support for Apple CarPlay, among other connectivity and entertainment options.

Xiaomi aims to launch its first electric vehicle in 2024, although precise details regarding the potential price are still unknown.

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