You won’t believe which 13 exchanges control almost 15% of all global cryptocurrencies

According to data from blockchain explorer Arkham Intelligence, the top 13 cryptocurrency exchanges in the market are managing a total value of R$7.64 trillion, with Binance leading the pack by holding R$3.26 trillion in reserves. Binance’s assets include 21.02 billion Tether (USDT) and 671,981 BTC, with a combined value of R$1.95 trillion. Additionally, the exchange held assets worth R$631.61 billion in ETH and R$310.55 billion in BNB as of September 27.

These user assets held by Binance represent 42.81% of the total value of assets held by the 13 exchanges (R$7.64 trillion). Coinbase, on the other hand, holds a total of 946,618 Bitcoins (BTC), valued at R$4.24 trillion. Another R$1.35 trillion in value is attributed to Coinbase’s ETH holdings, and there is R$26.80 billion in LINK held by the San Francisco-based trading platform.

The concentration of cryptocurrencies in a few exchanges is evident. OKX manages a total of R$2.81 trillion, of which R$1 trillion is in USDT. OKX also holds R$752.36 billion in BTC, R$677.63 billion in OKB, and R$351.64 billion in ETH. As of September 27, Bitfinex had R$3.21 trillion in assets under management (AUM) with 225,231 Bitcoins, totaling R$1.17 trillion. The exchange also holds another R$643.61 billion in ETH. Robinhood has a total of R$1.26 trillion, of which R$639.19 billion is in Bitcoin (BTC). Approximately R$547.74 billion of Robinhood’s assets consist of ETH holdings. Among the previously mentioned five exchanges, these trading platforms collectively hold R$6.34 trillion of the aggregated R$7.64 trillion.

Other exchanges mentioned include Kraken with its treasury of R$1.18 trillion, Bybit with robust R$903.56 billion, safeguarding R$816.30 billion, Gemini with vaults containing R$787.46 billion, HTX (formerly Huobi) possessing R$731.45 billion, KuCoin with R$380.18 billion, Deribit with R$359.90 billion, and Upbit with a total of R$266.03 billion.

The concentration of cryptocurrency assets in these exchanges highlights the significant role they play in the market. Investors and traders should closely monitor these exchanges due to their substantial holdings and influence.

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