You won’t believe why Dragon Ball Super discredits Vegeta’s only win against Goku!

Vegeta and Goku have a complicated history of fighting each other, with no definite answer as to who is stronger. In Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta, under the influence of Babidi, became Majin Vegeta and defeated Goku after catching him off guard with a final blow. But in Dragon Ball Super, an evil Goku named Goku Black defeated Vegeta, creating a narrative symmetry between the two evil versions of each Saiyan warrior.

When Vegeta was corrupted by Babidi’s magic to become Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, his inner anger turned against him, making him a slave to Babidi. As Majin Vegeta, he committed many horrible acts, including the annihilation of hundreds of people during the martial arts tournament. In response, Goku attacked Vegeta, leading them to an epic Super Saiyan battle. Their fight was intense, but in the end, Majin Vegeta claimed victory after Goku dropped his guard.

In the 20th chapter of Dragon Ball Super by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Vegeta and Goku traveled to the alternate world of Future Trunks, where the evil Zamasu and Goku Black had devastated the planet. Although Vegeta initially resisted well against Goku Black, this evil version of Goku eventually defeated him.

As Zamasu took over Goku’s body to become Goku Black, Vegeta was corrupted by Babidi’s dark magic, becoming Majin Vegeta. The two corrupted versions of the Saiyans won their respective battles. Majin Vegeta defeated Goku, and in a nearly identical manner, Goku Black defeated Vegeta, creating a perfect narrative symmetry.

Few fights in Dragon Ball captivate as much as those between Vegeta and Goku. Their first confrontation took place during their first encounter, with Vegeta transforming into a Great Ape and inflicting massive damage on Goku. In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Vegeta won their training match, much to his delight.

Although the circumstances of the existence of the two evil Saiyans are not perfectly aligned, the visual parallels are striking, and the results are the same: Vegeta’s only victory over Goku was completely overturned by Dragon Ball Super.

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